Package of All 6 Basic IFS Guided Meditations

Purchase this package and get the following guided IFS Meditations: Basic Meditation 1: Getting to Know a Part, Bonnie Weiss Introduces the concept of parts and encourages you to identify a part and make some gentle contact with it. Basic Meditation 2: Body Scan, Bonnie Weiss Guides you ...


IFS Basic Course

IFS Basic Course This course consists of a set of 6 downloadable tracks, covering six classes. You will also get a Basic Course Information Guide and a Basic Course Manual.  Each class consists of an opening meditation, a lecture, an exercise and/or a demonstration of an individual I...


IFS Exiles Course

IFS Exiles Course This course teaches you how to work with exiles, heal them of their pain, and transform their protectors. This is the second of the two basic IFS courses. It is now available in recorded form, at much less cost than taking the course over the phone. It consists of a set ...


The Pattern System: A Periodic Table for Psychology (Paperback Version)

The Pattern System: A Periodic Table for Psychology   Jay Earley, Ph.D.   Do you wonder… Why do my partner and I get into so many fights? Why is my partner acting that way? What is going on to keep me stuck in life? What am I doing to turn people off? Why am I att...


Self-Therapy Products

You can find many products here to help you in your personal growth and healing. Welcome! IFS was created by Richard Schwartz, PhD. See

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